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The earliest years of your child’s life are as important – if not more important – than high school or college. During this time, your child will develop lifelong interests, attitudes, skills and habits. With the right guidance, your child is capable of amazing things – more than most of us could imagine.

At Maple lawn Montessori , our toddlers work, learn and play in an environment specifically designed for them. They learn to select their own tasks and work peacefully, both by themselves and with others. Best of all, they develop a sense of pride and a deep love of learning.

Maple Lawn Montessori is an early learning center and an after care with extended hours. We offer a variety of child care programs including:

  • Toddler Programs
  • Preschool
  • Pre-K
  • Before School Programs
  • After School Programs
  • Spring and Summer Camps

If you want to make a child to grow into an independent, self-reflecting, life-long learner, your search ends here – MAPLE LAWN MONTESSORI offers an integrated hybrid curriculum that develops all seven domains: Language development, cognitive development, Gross Motor Skills development, Fine Motor Skills development, Self-Help and Adaptive Development, Social and Emotional Development and Spiritual and Moral development.

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