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Why Franchising

Franchising is perfect for entrepreneurial individuals who want to open a business for themselves and by themselves.

  • With a franchise, you get to enjoy a support system from the very start
    With an abundance of valuable previous experience, Maple Lawn Montessori franchise provide a strong support system, while giving you the pride of running your own business.
  • Higher Rate of Success
    It is a proven concept that franchises have a higher rate of success in comparison to a startup / stand-alone business. As a sizable amount of work has already been achieved by the franchisor, high-brand awareness and recall has successfully been accomplished.
  • Building a business based off a well-established model
    Opening a Maple Lawn Montessori franchisee will ensure that the already successful ideas and operational methods and procedures can be followed. The franchising model will give access to all those systems and procedures.
  • Business relationships
    As the Maple Lawn Montessori has previously built strong establishments, franchisee will be able to benefit from these already-in-place relationships. This, in turn, makes it easier to initiate a working relationship for the supply chain, as well as help to gain access to prime locations.
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